In your VeloPro Inc account, you can convert individual rides or even whole weeks of your plan to indoor workouts. Not only that, but you can export those workouts in .ZWO and .ERG formats for use with an array of popular smart trainers and video training systems. 

Want to ride on Zwift Island, but keep to your training plan? Here's how you do it:

Change a Workout Day To change the workout for any day, left-click in the area under the plan for that day (in the white space below the plan). You will be presented with dialogue box. Select the “Mark as Trainer Workout” option and then Save. Select OK on the verification dialogue box. The system will then recalculate your Training Plan and that day will now be a Trainer day.

Download your ERG or ZWO file for your Trainer Activity Once you have marked a day as a Trainer day, click on the training plan for that day (represented by a blue box). You will be presented with a dialogue box containing the workout for that day, and two buttons representing .ZWO and .ERG file types. Simply choose which file format you'd like and save it to your computer for upload to the system of your choosing.