Entering a coupon code depends on your user status in VeloPro - trialing, paying customer, or suspended account.  

During Account Creation for New or Trialing Users*

When you first create your account with the free trial, the coupon can be entered in the Promotional Coupon field. No credit card is required at that point. 

Three days before the expiration of the coupon you will receive an email from VP stating that the time is expiring and you need to enter a credit card to continue. Once a credit card is entered your account will become active and the normal billing cycle will begin. If no credit card is entered the account will become suspended though you can reactivate it at any point and your historical data with VeloPro will reactivate as well.

For Existing Active Users*

An active user is one who has an established paid account in VeloPro. You have posted at least one payment and your account status is shown as active in VeloPro. The place to enter the coupon is on the Account Info page. The Coupon Area is just above the Credit Card area. When a coupon is entered here billing will suspend for the allotted timeframe. 

For Suspended Accounts*

If your account has been suspended, and you received a coupon, you will need to enter your credit card information to reactivate your account.  From there, you'll see a place to enter the card on the Account Info page.  

*If this is the first entry of a credit card (during or at the end of the Trial Period) there will be a $10 deposit charged and entered as a credit to your account. That credit will be used at the end of the coupon period.  

Please note that there are no refunds of the $10 deposit.