There are three ways you can upload activity on your Dashboard:

  1. Download file to your computer and then go to Activity<Upload Files.
  2. Auto-import via Strava (recommended).  Set up a Strava account at Strava.  At VeloPro, go to Activity<Import from Strava.  Follow the instructions to connect to your Strava account.  Once connected, your Strava rides will automatically be uploaded by VeloPro each time you finish a ride.  If you are not interested in publicizing your rides, you can set your Strava settings to “Private” and VeloPro will still import them as they are uploaded.  
  3. Add your data manually Activity<Manual Entry.  You'll need to know your Training Load (TL) to input.  

See your training progress on your Dashboard.  You can see more stats on the Stats tab on the Dashboard page.