For regular FTP Checks, consistency is key. Here are some tips:

  1. Get a good warmup - VeloPro Inc will guide you through a consistent warmup before each check.
  2. Use the same course - It's a good idea to use the same (or similar) terrain for each check. This way there is better consistency in your results over time.
  3. Start gently - Starting too hard will cause you to lose steam towards the end. Your start should be in zone 3, at the most. What you save in the first few minutes will serve you well towards the end.
  4. Avoid looking at your power meter - Focus on your effort and not the numbers. The idea is to do your best and not to stay in a particular zone.
  5. Leave it on the road - The idea is to try to do your best. Sometimes your FTP Check will be integrated into a longer workout. Do your FTP Check in the early part of the workout and don't "save" anything for later. Do your best!

We also have a useful blog post here!