If you have your files saved on your computer (recommended), go to your VeloPro dashboard, click on Activities<Upload Files and upload one or multiple files.  The amount that you can upload at one time may be dependent on your bandwidth.  

If your files are saved on Strava:

Single activity sync:  If your training data is saved in Strava, go to the ride you want to sync to VeloPro. To do this, go to your Strava dashboard.  At the top of the page click on Training<My Activities.  Then choose which ride you'd like to sync.


On the left side of the screen, click the ellipses (Actions).  Select "Export Original".  That will download onto your computer.


Follow the instructions at the top of this article to upload to your VeloPro account.

Multiple activity sync: Learn how to export your bulk Strava data archives and then follow the instructions at the top of the article to sync to your VeloPro account.

TrainingPeaks has an option to export files in this article but please note that files must be able to be downloaded to .fit or .tcx files in order to import to VeloPro.

*Please note that it is good practice to save your data locally (desktop or laptop) or on a hard drive so that you have independent use of your data.